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Catherine; A Villagee Tale (Large Print Edition)

Catherine; A Villagee Tale (Large Print Edition) - Jules Sandeau The village of Saint Sylvain hasn't two sous to rub together, in spite of all of the hard working and good people who live there. Francois Paty, the cure, gives everything he has to keep his flock in clothes and food. Catherine, his orphaned niece, called 'the little fairy' gives all she has, too. Claude, who sings in Church, loves Catherine. Catherine loves Claude - but not like that. The village and Francois Paty assume they'll be married someday. Then along comes Roger. Roger is the son of a Count, and has all of the money to make the problems of Saint Sylvain go away forever. Roger falls in love with Catherine, and Catherine with Roger, Claude is heart broken. Roger's father, the count, hates priests, and especially Francois Paty. The count wants Roger to marry his rich, snotty cousin. Whatever else happens, someone at the end of this book is getting hitched. Care to find out who?