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The Fearless Mrs. Goodwin - Elizabeth Mitchell

Isabella Goodwin was a thirty-nine year old widowed mother of four and a police matron in 1912 when she was sent undercover as a maid at a boardinghouse in the tenderloin district to root out the whereabouts of Eddie 'the Boob' - a professional boxer and their - from his 'tea dancer' girlfriend Swede Annie, and bring him in, if she could, for the worst bank heist in New York's history. The Fearless Mrs. Goodwin relates how she succeeded in doing just that. This was my first kindle single experience and on the whole it was fine. The story of mrs. Goodwin, the first female detective in the new York city police department would have been better as a full length book. While there was clearly a lot of research put into this article, I feel like there was a lot of information missing - I wanted to know more about corruption the police department and more details about mrs goodwin's assignments, I wish that more information about the trial of the thieves who perpetrated this heist was available. Also, the end of the article where the outcome of the trial is described came as a bit of a shock and was treated as an aside. The writing lacked the panache necessary to police and detective stories and read like an eighth grader's book report. Not a terrible way to kill half an hour, but could have been much improved upon.