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The Power of One - Bryce Courtenay I think that this will be one of my favorite books. I laughed and cried. I loved the story of Peekay and his journey to adulthood, and I can't wait to read Tandia, the follow up. Peekay may be one of the most memorable child characters from any novel I've ever read.

This book also gives a sense not only of the destruction of apartheid, but also how it could happen in the first place. Both the English and the Boers practiced cultural isolationism. The English considered themselves the paragon of civilization and avoided all but the necessary interaction with their neighbors; the Boers were still angry about their persecution under the English. This sense of persecution leads to a sympathy with the Nazi party and their racial laws. Peekay harnesses 'The Power of One' to become a symbol of hope for justice and peace in his community.

I highly recommend the audio-book version, read by Humphry Bower. His reading made this book that much more enjoyable.