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Women Heroes of World War II: 26 Stories of Espionage, Sabotage, Resistance, and Rescue - Kathryn J. Atwood What a great book!

Kathryn Atwood's Women Heroes of World War II tells the stories of 26 spies, resisters, rescuers, nurses and performers and celebrates the role that women from all over Europe and America played in the defeat of the Third Reich. Atwood brings these womens' stories to life by providing tales of their bravery and intelligence but also putting their work in the greater context of the war. The book is aimed at younger readers but there is much for older readers here too, and Atwood kindly provides sections on 'Further Reading' for each chapter.

Much of the history here was ignored in my school text books which boiled the entire war down to: Hitler invades Sudentenland, Hitler invades Poland, Hitler invades everywhere else, Americans arrive on D-Day, Hiroshima, war is over. For young Americans, Atwood's book not only provides an introduction to the role that women played in defeating Hitler but also gives an excellent introduction to World War II history as it was lived by non-Americans.

This book is highy recommended for people of all ages.

[Small Disclaimer: Kathryn Atwood is a friend of mine on Goodreads and was before I read this book, but I've never met her in person and I purchased the book of my own accord.]